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About the Company:


Our mission is to empower instructors with practical materials and playful activities to engage children and create an immersive hands-on learning experience. Our products, developed over 20 years by child development experts, are trusted by teachers and loved by children.

What We Believe:


We believe in multiculturalism. Learning new languages breaks down barriers and makes us a more connected and compassionate global community.

Our Values include -Integrity- Commitment to clients-Teamwork- Quality- Personal Accountability-Good Citizenship

About the CEO

" I was born and raised in Mexico City. That’s where my dream of giving all children the chance to learn a second language began. I didn't have a chance to learn English until high school. Because I didn’t learn as a child it took longer for me to become fluent. I promised myself that one day I would help children experience second languages as young as possible. That is how Learning Made Fun was born."

Blanca Lawton


P.O. BOX 1692 Folsom, CA 95630

Phone: (855) 623 3386

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