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Tips for Bilingual Teachers

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

"I am teaching a second language class for children.

What can I do to make it fun?"

1.Have lots of visuals: Most children are visual learners. If you show them images, they will relate to the subjects. Visuals and games can stimulate their interest in learning and make the class more active. Worksheets are also essential to reaffirm what they have learned; using the same images in the workbooks will help them memorize vocabulary.

2.Pick an exciting topic that creates immersive learning- students develop passion when they are interested in the subject like Sports, Cooking, Animals. It is essential to choose themes that relate and involve their daily life.

3.Make it easy for the students to participate: Have games handily to use as part of your materials, pick a couple of games for the class like memory games, matching subjects. Assign the right amount of time for each activity so that students can engage in learning without the pressure of learning a second language,

4.Be organized- Both the materials and the teaching plan must be all in one place; having all in place improves students' learning efficiency and makes everyone in the classroom feel at ease.

5.Be Patience- Be kind and always smile to your students; remember that your smile can light up their life. If you deliver a stress-free lesson, you can focus on the class's attention and enjoy it.

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