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How to increase your child's interest in learning a second language at home?

We've discussed the importance of introducing a second language before. Today, we will discuss how to increase children's interest in learning a second language. Adults could be strict with ourselves, and we can learn with focus. But it couldn't apply to kids, a different set of guidelines that parents should follow.

1. Always make it fun!

Incorporating learning into games. Such as, parents can make some flashcards matching games to help with their study. Play is important for healthy brain development. Besides, playing with your children helps to keep being connected and build strong relationships for the future. What a fun way to introduce a second language!

2. Keep bodies moving as brains!

Children get bored easily if they keep sitting and studying. Parents could play some music and teach them some gesture dance to learn words. It helps to build memory points in order to maintain a productive learning routine.

3. Speaking to your children

If you are bilingual parents, it would be great if you could speak a second language with them. We were learning our first language from listening to our families speaking it in our environment. It could apply to a second language as well! Or parents could play songs instead. If you are not bilingual yet, don't worry; you can still introduce new words every day by following the word of the day or grab your LMF kit and have fun with the flashcards at home.

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